Making a multitrack viola loop in Reaper with 3d ambisonic effect in 5 minutes

29 May 2021
My research project at the Royal Academy of Music is heavily involved with different aspects of ambisonic sound, converted into a 3d binaural effect for listening through headphones. I created a short video demonstrating how anyone can do this for free (not including the recording equipment!) …

The Perfect Wrong Note

8 April 2021
Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Yoga - there are endless practices which musicians turn to, often without knowing why. Some may think it is for flexibility or increasing skills in movement, but for me what we are searching for are ways to connect better to the present moment - the key to …

Welcome to the blog

31 March 2021
I'm hoping to post some interesting thoughts here now and then. If you're keen for something more frequent, make sure you check out my Instagram page!