Laura the Astronaut

Laura the Astronaut Explores the Planets is an exciting classical music performance experience using the arrangement of Holst’s The Planets by Glynn Davies, new works by Johannes Luebbers as well as animations by James Josephides.

Join Laura in her spaceship when she accidentally flies into a black hole! Follow her adventure as she meets the characters of Holst’s Planets: Mars the bringer of war, Mercury the winged messenger and Jupiter the bringer of jollity.

Children will be able to design and create their own planets, made out of paper plates, which will be hung in the space as their very own galaxy!

Inventi Ensemble are passionate about bringing classical music to life through their interactive children’s music performances and workshops. Their engaging musical shows offer children the opportunity to experience classical music in new and innovative ways.

Suitable for ages 6 to 12 years.

Kew Court House
Admission: $20