I am a senior full-stack developer specializing in Typescript and React.

Also a professional violist, I have a diverse range of experience both inside and outside the world of computing, a high level of attention to detail, and pragmatic flexibility backed by experience.

A selection of recent projects

Fire reporting app

App screenshot

gRPC, React, Typescript...

Created app with mapping, image timelines, data overlays and other complex features.

See a demonstration video here.

Image annotations app

annotations app screenshot

Next.js, Postgres, Prisma, React, SQL, Typescript...

Created app for labelling photos to create a data set for training machine learning models; frontend, backend and database.

Design ML Pipeline Backend

AWS, gRPC, Postgres, Python, SQLAlchemy...

Part of a team architecting a database and creating a backend to implement a machine learning pipeline ingesting and analyzing images.

Couchers.org Head of Frontend

Couchers.org screenshot

Management, Mentoring, React...

Coordinated a team of volunteers to create the beta version of the couchers.org frontend.

AR Spatial Audio Art Installation

Audio Engineering, Augmented Reality, Spatial Audio, Typescript...

QR Codes were placed around the Royal Academy of Music, which when scanned, started an augmented reality performance with visualisations through the users device and spatial audio.

See a demonstration video here.

Maintaining legacy flow app

Flow logo

Flow, React...

Fixed bugs and added features in a medium-sized legacy app written using Flow-typed javascript.

This website

lucas-levin.com screenshot

Payload CMS, React, Remix, Typescript...

I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun! Did you find the two easter eggs on the home page?